As organiser of King of the Alps we wanted to provide a honest description of the race course so people can properly assess their own capabilities before registrating for the event.

Marathon Section

Quellenhof- Football camp Rifiano

River Description.

The start of the race heads straight into a grade IV rapid, it is a mass start i.e. expect to be going down it with 120 people. The river is continuous with lots of rocks and stoppers, throughout the course there are grade III and IV sections.

River Grade III-IV based on normal water levels for time of year.

Higher water level will push it up to grade IV-IV+

Distance 7km

Time approx. 25min depending on personal capabilities and water levels

Water Temperature 12°C


We expect athletes to be competent and experienced on grade IV water, with a very confident eskimo roll or self rescuing techniques for OC1. You will be doing all of the above under race conditions and expect to be tired and out of breath. If you do get separated from the other paddlers you will need to lead yourself down the river. (It is very different situation compared to going on a jolly with friends)

We would strongly recommend that all athletes run the course a minimum of 2 times before the day of the race to familiar yourself with the lines.

There are 4 start groups

  • K1/C1 Senior Men
  • K1 Women
  • Juniors (W/M), and Masters* (W/M)
  • OC1 (W/M)

* Male Masters who wish to participate in the final must register as a Senior, so that they are in the same start group as the other Senior men.

Sprint Final – Moos in Passier

Top 30 (min. 3) athlets from the marathon. K1/C1 Senior (Man and Woman)**

Pre-course training is obligatory!

River Description

Continuous section of grade V+ with 1 artificial drop, tight,technical,fast with large holes, a limited amount of eddies and a waterfall merging on one side.

River Grade V+

Distance 500m

Time approx. 2min 30secs

Water Temperature 10°

Athlete: Only athletes that are competent on class 5+ water with exceptional whitewater skills, experience and knowledge. Pre-course training is obligatory!

**For your own safety please be realistic when assessing your own personal paddling ability. If any of the organisers are in doubt over a athletes personal competence we have the right to withdraw you from the competion.