Marathon and Qualification (Mass start 6.5 km WW IV)

Start System:

All athletes have to position themselves in the boat between the shit heap and the starting line about 500 meters below. Start paddlers move towards the start line and all athletes stay behind these specially marked paddlers to the start line. As soon as the start signal sounds, the start paddlers may be overhauled and the race begins.

Start Groups  in 2 minute intervalls

  1. group: K1/C1 senior man
  2. group: K1/C1 Senior woman
  3. group: Master and Junior man and woman
  4. group: OC1 man and woman

The finish line is a little further up the river this year and at the finish you have to try to touch the target paddle!

King of the Alps Team Race (Extreme Kayak Team World Championship)

After many years of hosting the Extreme Kayak European Championship, we though that it was time to add another challenge: a hard-core team race, the Extreme Kayak Team World Championship!

  • Teams are composed by two athletes (Senior/Master) with the same nationality.
  • Components of the team have to be registered at the King of the Alps 2020, and take part at the marathon race.
  • Race course is the final section (class V) with the addition of 2 to 3 mandatory passages, i.e. gates.
  • Missing a gate comport a disqualification
  • The time will start as soon as the first component of the team pass the start line, it will be stopped when the second athlete pass through the finish line.
  • Registration fee is 5€ per team, and it have to be paid before the start.
  • Registration of the teams by the registration Friday evening.


King of the Alps Finals (H2H WW V)

The quarterfinal (best 30 "Open men" and "open woman") is carried out in a “head-to-head-format“. Two kayakers form one heat (pairing). Each kayaker will run the final section alone and timed.

The fastest kayaker of each heat advances to next round (Final). Hence 10 kayakers advance to the semifinal . In the final the top 15 kayakers + 1 lucky looser  compete in the final sprint race (Once only)!

The organizers of the king of the alps reserve the right to reduce the number of participants in the final for security reasons!

Open Race

This will be a surprise of our creativity 😉

Friday - "SKATEYAK by Exo Kayaks" and "2SECONDS CONTEST by Decathlon"

Saturday - "ROLLCONTEST by Kober Paddels"

For all the guys excluded from the final race, not only kayaking will be involved! Therefore, you don’t really need to be awesome kayaker to win!


Juniors: Have to provide a medical certificate and parental consent form!