Guided Tours

Its always the same story, you arrive at a new river and you don’t know where to get on, where to get off or what you need to look out for. What do you do? The best thing is to use a ‘local’, and the problem is solved.

We are able to provide the ‘locals’ organised tours for various abilities with endless amount of river knowledge and experience.(WWIII-IV)

Inscription: Online, Friday and Saturday

Price: € 20,- (tour+event t-shirt)

Meeting place: Party zone Moos

Tours: Sunday June 7th  - 10:00 am


  • Passirio City III - meeting place: take out (Marlengo)
  • Classic Passirio III/IV - meeting place: Festival area (Moos)
  • Upper Passirio IV - meeting place: Festival area (Moos)

River Guide for more infos+map

Changes may be made due to weather and water Levels.

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  • t-shirt size: S/M/L/XL
  • TOUR: Passirio city / classic Passirio / Upper Passirio