6. January 2017

T-REX – new creeking machine

The T-Rex has born from a big team project: after years of testing, confronting ideas and prototypes, we are here, proud to present the ultimate creeking machine.

Thanks to its longer continuous rocker and a flat tail, it allows for easy boofing without the boat losing speed. The rounded edges give it stability and allow it to be manoeuvrable and easy at speed making a change of direction no problem. The upper hull is optimised for predictable resurfacing. Thanks to the wise distribution of the volumes, despite the big size of the T-Rex, it feels like a smaller boat but you will definitely feel and benefit from the volume as soon as you need it!

With a unique rounded shape, the T-Rex is the perfect kayak for hard-core paddlers as well as beginners looking for a stable and reactive boat.

The vision of Exo is to produce a badass boat without compromise ideal for creeks, big volume and racing as well. Test it yourself and tell us if we were right!

Easy to adjust outfitting is what the T-Rex has been equipped with. Here at Exo, we are looking for strong but fast adjustment to our outfitting to ensure it caters for everyone from schools to experts.

Like the other “X” projects (Six, Xt-series, Xg, Xm, Xp3 and Xw1), the T-Rex is based on computer design process which include software dynamics simulations in different water environments.


T-Rex Race:

Same performance and specs of the regular version of the T-Rex but with ultra-light outfit for racing. Thanks to high quality carbon fibre outfits, we made a stable kayak ideal for racing without compromising the safety aspect.

The first choice for hard-core racers and people who are tired of carrying heavy boats!