19. May 2015

Jewelry for KINGS and QUEENS

Unique jewelry manufactures for your real passion

Kayaking isn’t a sport you will do for money, you do it because you love it! It combines sensations you will not be able to find anywhere else. It’s a real passion and you do everything to don’t waste any single moment outside the water!

This year we will have for the overall winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)  a personalized “King of the Alps” necklace made by “threeWaves”! The paddle blade is made of high quality silver with deep engraved  “King of the Alps” and “threeWaves” logos and will become an integral part for the “King of the Alps” Winners for the coming years.

There are two different series (photos):

  • Race series – the dimensions are a bit bigger, with the King of the Alps and threeWaves logos, as well as the placement engraved and only for the race-participant
  • Sale series – the same shape like the race series with the King of the Alps and threeWaves logos and can be ordered with polished or mat finished surface exclusive at threeWaves-onlineshop.

Check out all the series here:


ThreeWaves has also many other high quality products (nose clips, individual DIY ear protection) for the kayak scene; everything proudly produced in Germany.

Health is the most important thing in life, therefore it’s better to protect yourself from cold water with nose clips and personalised earplugs.

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