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King of the Alps



„King of the Alps“

King of the Alps is the world Championship in extreme kayaking, OC1 and packrafting.

For the 11th time in a row some of the world’s best kayakers will battle it out for the legendary title of the “King and Queen of the Alps”. The qualification will be the time of two runs added together on grade 3-4 white water near St Leonard. The first 60 men and 10 women will then take the battle to the final course and the legendery Intimidator rapid!

Extreme Kayak

World Championship

This year we are proud to finally host the world championships!

King of the Alps is the Championship of extreme kayaking, OC1 and pack rafting. 

For the 11th time in a row some of the world’s best kayakers will battle it out for the legendary title of the “King and Queen of the Alps”.



final run

The King of the Alps final run take place on the really impressive and especially intimidating rapids of the Passer River in the little village of Moos. Situated above the put in of the famous Passer-gorge, the race course is only a few 100 meters long but includes everything an extreme race needs. Waterfall, slides, big waves, and holes… For the athletes it’s difficult enough to find a line, and it’s even more difficult to make it the cleanest and fastest!

The Passer River flows along the Passeiertal valley and passes through the town of Merano. It’s located among the Alps and in the corner of Italy, which meets with the boarders of Austria and Switzerland.

Enjoy the weekend

like royalty!

Merano is small but famous town, in the era of the Kings it was very popular for its warm climate and unique vegetation encircled by mountain peaks. Today it is characterized by its many castles and a long history of tradition. The King of the Alps will awaken these times of glory and honor. The athletes will fight hard for the title but only one of them will win the crown at the end.

The Passeiertal valley offers a vast majority of recreational activities, with a huge scope to provide specifically to the outdoors. In every local valley you will find a torrent of water which can provide the perfect ambiance for those who are passionate about water sports. It is also an area which is already well known for hosting many events, with a wide spectrum of variety. The region offers an ample selection of excellent food and wine which reach from typical regional dishes to Italian specialties.

So don’t miss the opportunity and enjoy the weekend like royalty!



Please note!

Juniors: Have to provide a medical certificate and parental consent form!