more than a „normal“ race



Be part of King of the Alps

King of the Alps offers more than just an extreme kayak race.

As a sponsor of King of the Alps we would like to involve you from the beginning, not just during the race, but also in the run up to the event. There are great opportunities to showcase a brand and/or products. King of the Alps is open to all ideas from the sponsors, as well as making suggestions and ideas for them.

Your Logo here?
For further information please do not hesitate to contact us:

What we offer?


The professional website and Facebook page is just the starting platform for our sponsors. The sites are updated and posted on, on a regular basis which increases with the build up, during and aftermath of the event. Our partners are mentioned on the website and actively linked, and we welcome any ‘promo’ films that the sponsor has to offer.

Main Event

During the event the sponsors can make great use of the advertising space alongside both the marathon and sprint racecourse as well as directly at the venue. There is also space available for exhibition stands on the event location. Products can be used for prizes, either for the website and the Facebook page users or for the ‘athletes lottery’.You could also offer demo products to try out on one of the courses or guided tours.

Side Events

The party at King of the Alps is legendary and looking for a new name or how about some party gadgets?


The visibility of King of the Alps is varied. In print, media, radio, TV and in the final movie we like to thank our sponsors too.