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get your ticket from Februar 1st

Important – please read! As organizers of King of the Alps we wanted to provide an honest description of the race course so people can properly assess their own capabilities before registrating for the event.

Attention! If you are unable to attend the event, for whatever reason, we will not be able to refund your money

Includes: Races – Barbecue – Prizes – Breakfast -Camping – Gadgets

King feeling

Spectator package

Do you still want to make unforgettable memories with your paddling friends? We have created a “spectators package” especially for you!!
Package XL =40,- €  / Includes: Level Six cap  + Friday  dinner + camping+ Fun

Package S =20,- €  / Includes: LEVEL SIX cap + access to the event area



Please note!

Juniors: Have to provide a medical certificate and parental consent form!