Level SIX

The Guide Short

Recommended by

Lorenz Eberle

The Level SIX equipment is designed by boaters for boaters, the Guide Short is a good example. When worn, to the outsider these look like a real nice pair of board shorts. Great length, strong colors, moden shape and style. The lace-up waist band teamed with solid velcro fly allow for a snug fit. But, this is not where the shorts’ end. Underneath the outer is a liner made of the same material as the above slippers.

A close fitting silver lycra/neoprene. Not the silver looped fleece this time but a cropped black flock lining to the silver, making these super comfortable and, again, almost totally impenetrable by wind, water and cold. The shell aids in this due to the great wicking and dispensing nature, not to mention the wind-resistance. Flat-locks and double stitching throughout makes them tough and durable.

All in all a great pair of shorts. Be sure to get the right size as the velcro fly is cleverly designed to open both the shell layer and the liner layer, meaning if you.