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The °hf Porter

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Lorenz Eberle

In the meantime it has been generally accepted that a throwbag is carried directly on the paddler . But if this is not always the case in everyday paddling, there are various reasons for it. Often it is due to the throwbag, which might technically still be in good condition, but is not equipped accordingly. Or it is equipped, but the wearing comfort is poor. In the past both reasons were acceptable but now ° hf is presenting a solution with the new Porter.

The ° hf Porter is a carrying bag for throwbags without any carrying system or such with an uncomfortable one. Designed in particular for water rescuers and raft guides, it is also interesting for paddlers who are often out on the river. The porter offers a safe home for throwbags of all sizes. The sturdy bag can easily and flexibly be fixed in the bag from both sides with a buckle system. In an emergency, the throwbag is always at hand, because the bag can be opened quickly and easily without having to look at it .

Thanks to the wide back padding, it can be carried comfortably without disturbing paddling and there is still space on the belt for carabiners, pulley and much more. So you always have the essential part of the safety equipment comfortably with you.

The price for that excellent gear is € 34.95